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We work with building contractors, M&E contractors, multi-discipline consultancies and a range of 'end-clients' like Network Rail, London Underground and other rail operators.

Whilst separating our clients into these groups helps us to shape our approach, we believe every client is unique and has specific reasons for considering Fourway. Our challenge is to understand what these are and provide them.

When our clients are bidding for a Project we look very closely at how our skills could be complementary. In bid partnerships we lose our company badge and focus on the team as a whole. Through design, collaborative planning and cost analysis we create innovations and efficiency savings that make a real difference to the overall win prospect. Above all, this ensures the bid receiver sees our client has optimised value and collaborated with their supply chain.

We work with a range of contracting models and shared incentivisation schemes. We have experience in pure alliancing as well as traditional pain gain mechanisms. We believe complete transparency is vital for building trust. We share our estimating components to the smallest level so clients can see exactly how we build up our costs.

We prefer to co-locate with our clients whenever practical. Whatever the stage of the project, working in the same office makes communication easier, enabling us to share goals, gain a common understanding of problems and how best to solve them.

We have wide experience in establishing and using collaborative information management systems which create efficiency and help to build trust.

We work in and support client teams wanting the 'right person for the role'.


Gradient our ethos

We are passionate about the UK rail industry, its heritage and future as a world class service to the public...

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Gradient what we do

Our team has 25 years' experience in station and railway engineering. We deliver change into complex construction environments and asset renewal programmes the length and breadth of Britain.

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Gradient our history

Fourway was started by four soldiers who de-mobilised together after the second world war. Initially manufacturing machinery for the emerging radio industry of North London...

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Gradient corporate

The Board provides strong leadership on all aspects of corporate responsibility with defined roles for each director. Their personal commitment and influence ensures that responsible behaviour comes...

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Gradient health and safety

We recognise the hazards of construction and operational railways demand our utmost respect and that we have the opportunity to influence our environment for the better.

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Gradient accreditations

We are RISQS (Link-up) qualified via audit for over 130 categories covering consulting, design, implementation in a broad range of building services, telecommunications and general rail system infrastructure.

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Our Consulting Engineering division provides professional services for telecommunications, building services and railway systems.

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Through our construction division we contract with end clients and large civil or M&E contractors to deliver packages of building services, telecommunications and other systems infrastructure across the UK overground and underground rail networks.

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We believe we offer a very attractive working environment with opportunities in the UK's largest and most exciting transportation projects. There are no barriers to progressing within the company and an outstanding commitment to staff development. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.

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