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Nottingham area customer information improvements

Nottingham area customer information improvements image

The provision of a new train describer system at Trent Power Signal Box (PSB) provided the opportunity to improve the customer information in the local area. A dedicated feed of train data, derived directly from the signalling system was the key to the enhancement.

Initially, in consultation with Central Trains and Network Rail we determined a strategy to ensure the CIS system could track trains with greater accuracy than with TRUST data and consequently be able to display more accurate information to staff and passengers. A further objective was to ensure the CIS system would require less operator intervention by being able to “clear down” trains automatically as they exited the platform track section. Previously the system used TRUST information which required operators to manually “clear down” trains to avoid delay. Further functionality included the CIS system automatically re-platforming trains when diverted by the signaller to an alternative platforms.

The site works included: activation of a modem in Trent PSB train describer system; Provision of a new modem at Nottingham TER and connection into the CIS system; Extension of the telecomms circuit end points and jumpering as necessary to connect the circuits; Testing of interconnectivity; Activation of the modem a port at Trent PSB; Configuration of the Nottingham CIS System LICC to accept and process the TD data.

Final commissioning was carried out under an equipment possession in a single night time shift without impact on the operational railway.