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Wessex Package 7 - Telecommunications

Wessex Package 7 - Telecommunications image Wessex Package 7 - Telecommunications image

Wessex Package 7 was a capacity enhancement programme primarily focused on lengthening the platforms at 50 stations along the Wessex route to accommodate longer trains. It formed part of the wider Train Lengthening Programme in key parts of the south-east.

Fourway provided the telecomms engineering and delivery through a partnership with construction company C. Spencer over a two year programme. The work involved providing a detailed design and scope of works to suit the 50-station programme. Tasks included relocations of Locs, cable diversions and provision of new systems to facilitate the fast track construction programme.

Much of the site work was co-ordinated in possessions in collaboration with the construction team. Asset groups within our scope included DOO CCTV, SISS, Cab Secure Radio, Signal Post Telephones, FTN and station MEP.

Other features included: Organising disconnection notices; working in disruptive possessions; Providing Tester-in-charge (PICOT) duties; co-ordinating 3rd party testing; operating bring-into use procedures; Working in operational signal boxes; Maintainer liaison; Updating record information;

The value of our works was in excess of £1M.